What does it mean to live life well?

Imagine having your own dedicated team of world-class health experts. A team of doctors, nurses and specialists across sleep, movement, stress management, and nutrition using diagnostic technology to care for you. All curated by personal health planners.

Thyme offers a brand-new approach to private health care, designed to increase our members’ period of life spent in good health.

We call this your ‘healthspan’.

Living life to the full is an art form.
Living life well, more of a science.

How invested are you in your health?

‘It is health that is real wealth and not pieces of gold and silver’

– Mahatma Gandhi

Sometimes life gets in the way of our best intentions and sickness derails us forcing us to rethink. Thyme’s aim is to enhance our members’ healthspans, enabling them to not only live longer, but to thrive, enjoying a better quality of life both now and in later years.

We understand that good health is an asset, both now and in the future. Our medically led whole health management service combines preventative, functional and traditional medicine. This tailored, 360-degree approach is unique.

Working with us to create a bespoke programme, you can plan to live a longer, measurably healthier life. We see a world where people flourish long-term. It’s why we are Thyme.


Comprehensive levels of private medical care

Thyme provides membership levels designed to suit your lifestyle needs. All levels include a comprehensive health assessment, including genetic analysis, and access to preventative, functional, and traditional medicine experts, as well as same-day private GP appointments.

Share the gift of peace-of-mind. Every membership comes with the ability to look after those closest to you when they need it.


A private membership focussed on helping clients to live longer, healthier, and better lives. Our whole health services; including health planning, unified preventative, functional health, traditional medical services and private doctor appointments.


Not only will you benefit from everything that our premium package offers, you also have access to a dedicated team of world-class experts, which will include your personal private GP and functional health experts.


Thyme’s most comprehensive private membership level offers members limitless access to all our medical concierge services, guided by your dedicated medical experts. It’s our most exclusive service, for complete peace of mind.

Our Unique Approach

We’ve handpicked our team of leading private health experts to ensure our members benefit from advanced health planning and care.

Our healthcare professionals take the time to build relationships with members for the long term, ensuring members feel understood, cared for, and supported at every stage of their health cycle with nothing left to chance.

1. First you will speak to

Your personal health planner

Thyme’s personal health planners act as a central point of contact for members, guiding and expertly planning their health needs. Our personal health planners provide an exclusive on-demand medical concierge service, booking appointments, arranging specialist referrals, and liaising between key private health professionals. This highly efficient concierge approach minimises downtime, enabling members to focus on enjoying life.

2. Scientific analysis

Your scientist

Thyme’s team of specialist biomedical scientists are leaders in their field. Next, our scientists operate out of state-of-the-art laboratories and utilise cutting-edge, high-performance equipment, providing speed and accuracy. In-depth analysis of members’ biochemistry enables our experts to provide bespoke health planning and care that meets members’ needs precisely.

3. Thyme’s private GPs then analyse your test results

General Practitioners and private health experts

Our highly skilled private GPs provide traditional medical services, analysing test results to understand areas of health that require focus and effectively addressing any issues. Thyme’s GPs offer priority appointments at our luxury spaces or in members’ homes, providing complete peace of mind.

4. The next step is functional health

Functional health specialists

Our functional health specialists support members’ day-to-day well-being, helping to enrich lifespans and improve quality of life. Thyme’s functional private health professionals include best-in-field mental health experts,  and nutritionists. Also, physical health professionals including physiotherapists, and sleep coaches work in harmony to optimise health and ensure members live well.

5. Your unified ongoing support

Your complete health team

Thyme’s ongoing care enables our private health professionals to continually adapt health plans and care to suit members’ long-term lifestyles and needs. Preventative, functional, and traditional medical services work in harmony, while ongoing tests and assessments ensure members’ health is in the very best hands.

Meet our whole health experts

Our experts and doctors have a singular focus on advancing our members’ health. Harnessing the power of state-of-the-art laboratories and pioneering diagnostics, Thyme’s experts deliver advanced personal health management services.


Thyme Spaces

Thyme’s luxurious health spaces re-define traditional private medical care settings. They offer a modern, discreet and welcoming setting ensuring members feel at ease as they embark on their path to living well. Conveniently located, Thyme’s spaces ensure effortless access to our whole health experts.

Table index:

* = Services that can not be shared with Associate Members
£POA = Price on application (details may vary)


per annum


per annum


per annum




Personal health team
Access to Thyme private GP done done done
Access to Thyme nurse done done done
Access to Thyme personal health planners & functional health experts Experts in nutrition, mental health, sleep and physical health. done done done

Dedicated lead GP

done done
Dedicated lead nurse done done
Dedicated personal health planner & functional health experts done done
Dedicated performance coach done
Private Chauffeur Service To and from Thyme consultations within Central and Greater London. done
Private ambulance service done
Number of associate members (including children) Your membership can be shared with a select number of family and friends that we call Associate Members. They are added at no extra cost.557
Annual health review
Health & lifestyle assessment done done done
Initial Wellperson blood test done done done
Urinalysis done done done
ECG done done done
Body composition done done done
DNA & Epigenetic analysis Includes separate follow-up consultation to discuss results. At Premium and Dedicated level, DNA and Epigenetic analyses are at an additional charge for Associate Members.

Additional combined DNA screen & epigenetic analysis: £350

Additional epigenetic analysis: £250
1*1* done
GP consultation to discuss results & Healthspan planning done done done
Bespoke healthspan strategydone*done* done
Traditional care consultations (per annum)
GP consultation at a Thyme Space Excludes consultations completed as part of the annual health review.  

Additional consultation: £160
49 done
Online GP consultations Additional online GP consultation: £16049 done
Online GP consultations (OOH) Additional Online GP consultations (OOH) for Dedicated members: £1603 done
GP home visits Additional GP home visit: £350£350


Nurse consultation at a Thyme Space Additional Nurse consultation at a Thyme Space: £10049 done
Online Nurse consultation Additional online Nurse consultation: £100


9 done
Nurse home visits Additional Nurse home visit: £190£190


Specialist referrals done done done
Preventative care (per annum)
Early detection scanning & imagining assessment Three assessment programmes available. One assessment can be completed per year, as advised by a Thyme GP

Additional scanning and imaging assessments: £4,950
Ultimate early detection scanning & imaging assessment Our most comprehensive early detection assessment. Can be completed every 36 months.

Additional assessment:  £14,850
Blood tests (per annum) Excludes blood tests completed as part of annual health review.

Additional blood test: £POA
Functional & nutritional assessment Evaluates over 125 biomarkers and assesses the body's functional need for 40 antioxidants, vitamins, minerals, essential fatty acids, amino acids, digestive support, and other select nutrients.

Additional functional and nutritional assessment: £550
Stool chemistry test Evaluates overall digestive function including gut health and microbiome balance. Supports analysis of gastrointestinal symptoms, autoimmune disease, joint pain, IBD, IBS, inflammation, food sensitivities, nutritional deficiencies and skin conditions.

Additional stool chemistry tests: £325
COVID-19 PCR diagnosis Performed by a Thyme clinician. Includes result delivery and certificate.

Additional COVID-19 PCR diagnosis: £150
25 done
Ultrasound test£POA£POA£POA
Vaccinations (per annum)
Flu  Subject to seasonal availability done done done
HPV Price listed is per dose. Thyme GP to confirm schedule


done done
Chickenpox Price listed is per dose. Two doses required not lest than two weeks apart£80 done done
Pneumovax Price listed is in addition to consultation fee (as applicable) £40 done done
Shingles Price listed is per dose. Thyme GP to confirm schedule £200£200 done
Meningitis B Price listed is per dose. Thyme GP to confirm schedule £140£140 done
Travel Dependant on requirements for travel destination. In addition to consultation fee (as applicable)£POA£POA done
Expert consultations (per annum)
Mood & mental health Includes support relating to: anxiety, depression, loss, bereavement, workplace stress, work addiction, work-life balance, performance anxiety, trauma & PTSD, relationship issues, eating issues, substance abuse, sexual issues, post-natal support, life transitions and more.

Additional consultation: £250
2 *5 9
Nutrition Includes support with digestive concerns, microbiome imbalances, gut permeability/integrity, skin health, energy, fatigue, weight management, insulin resistance,  and nutrient deficiencies. Also, nutritional strategy to support sleep management, mood and mental health.

Additional consultation: £250
2 *59
Sleep Includes support that integrates sleep science and chronobiology with Compassion-Focused Therapy (CFT), Cognitive Beheavioual Therapy for Insomnia (CBTi), Acceptance and Commitment Training (ACT), and Mindfulness.

Additional consultation: £250
2 *59
Physical health Includes services relating to: physiotherapy, osteopathy, injury recovery, sports injury medicine, and biomechanics.

Additional consultation: £250
2 *59
Performance coaching programmes (per annum)
Sprint programme (duration: 5-12 weeks)Achieve targeted improvements in your life. If a combination of programmes are selected for the annual membership period, this cannot exceed 12 months   £1,5001*
Journey programme (duration: 7 months) Achieve holistic, sustainable behavioral change that improves your life. Develop a strong understanding of your core person. If a combination of programmes are selected for the annual membership period, this cannot exceed 12 months£3,7501*
Ultimate programme (duration: 12 months) Work with your dedicated coach and team of specialists to improve all the key aspects of your life. From a truly 360 degree understanding of yourself to optimising your individual performance1*
Membership fees
One-off joining fee£200£500£2,000
Monthly membership fee (excludes VAT)Additional charges for services will be added to the Lead Members monthly membership fee.£400£1,000£4,000